Four-Wheel-Drive and All-Wheel-Drive Explained

Four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive seem to show up as separate definitions, but aren't they just the same thing? Perhaps on a very basic level, but the two terms describe two different functions within the same definition.

Four-wheel-drive has been in the public venue for some time, so more people are familiar with that term. It uses a split differential and a lower gear ration to gain better traction in off-road and rough terrain driving conditions. It is primarily used in pickup trucks and larger sized off-road SUVs. This application gives excellent traction and positive traction in off-road and rough terrain situations.

All-wheel-drive applications are mainly used for paved road situations where the surface is slick from heavy rain, snow, or sleet. In this configuration, an equal amount of power is sent to each wheel with some exceptions for variances. The result is a uniquely smooth and powerful ride in conditions where the possibilities for slipping and sliding are minimized.

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