Keeping Your Windshield Clean

As we all know, when we drive it is crucial to be able to see clearly. However, the weather and bugs tend to wind up on our windshields, and they can hinder our vision. The great news is that with your vehicle you have windshield washer fluid which will help you keep your visibility where you can see.

Now some people may say that windshield washer fluid is no different than water and while it may seem like they do the same thing, they really do not. Water will not work the same way in freezing conditions that washer fluid will, and washer fluid also is designed to break up dead bugs and get them off your windshield so you can see.

All in all here at our dealership we care about your safety and we want you to understand how different parts of your vehicle work together to keep you safe, and that does include the windshield washer fluid we never think about. Stay on top of your seasonal maintenance with our team at Tim Short Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram!

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