Slow Down, Move Over, Save Lives

Every year hundreds of people are killed on the shoulders of our nation’s highways; these include emergency workers such as tow truck drivers, policemen, and highway road crews and motorists stopping for breakdowns, flat tires, and other emergencies.

In an effort to reduce highway fatalities, most states have passed what are called “move over laws.” These laws require motorists to slow down and change lanes in the presence of emergency workers on the road to provide greater clearance for enhanced safety for police officers, firefighters, ambulance workers, and tow truck drivers.

Penalties for violations of move over laws consist of a $100 fine for the first offense and one point; if this violation contributes to a crash, the fine is increased to $150 and the points to three. If death or serious injury is incurred the fine goes to $750 and the points remain at three. The fact of the matter is that lives can be saved by the simple act of reducing your speed and changing lanes; this alone should be enough for you to comply, fines and points aside.

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