Why Genuine Replacement Parts are the Better Choice

It doesn't really make sense to buy cheaper auto parts and then discover a short while later these parts caused bigger troubles and needed to be replaced again. Yet this is what is happening every day when folks buy cheap replacement parts at the local auto parts store.

The local auto parts store has to be able to compete with dozens of other shops I the area, so they are o the hunt for overseas manufacturers where they can get parts cheaper and pass the saving to the customer. This issue here is that you get parts that are made cheaply and barely last. The OEM approved parts you are getting from the local dealership are crafted to last, and although more money, these parts are going to last you longer.

If you come to Tim Short Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, you are buying top-quality pieces that were made to work on your car for much longer. Don’t hesitate to make the visit to meet with us in Middlesboro, KY!

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