Protect Yourself Driving this Winter with a Full Tank of Gas

Many drivers are not even aware of all the trouble they could encounter when driving with less than a full tank of gas. Consider a few of these tips to help get you through this bitter season without issue in the Middlesboro, KY area.

The ice on the roads will make it hard for car tires to grip the roads. If you are driving without a full tank of gas, then the car isn't going to get the help it needs to stay from swerving. All that fuel adds a lot of weight to the back of the car and helps tires bite through the ice and snow. If the gas tank is not full, there will be room for air and moisture, and moisture is a bad thing in the winter. Moisture turns to ice and clogs the fuel lines.

Our team at Tim Short Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram is here to offer these winter driving tips to make certain you and your family are safe this season.

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