How to Lift a Truck

2021 Ram Lifted Truck

Regardless of the type of truck you drive, we understand the widespread popularity of truck lift kits. After all, our premier truck lift kits make off-roading an experience you won’t forget. Lift kits can be costly, though. For this reason among others, our customers often ask us the question, “How do I lift my truck at home?” Though there are significant differences between body lift kits, leveling kits, and suspension lift kits, you can find out the best way to lift a truck with our quick introductory guide from Tim Short Chrysler of Middlesboro below, then contact us to learn more! 


What Tools Are Needed to Lift a Truck?

Before lifting your truck, you’ll want the proper tools to install your lift kit

  • Screwdriver
  • Torque wrench
  • Lug wrench
  • Vehicle jacks and jack stands
  • Socket wrench

Need any of the above parts, or you still haven’t purchased a truck lift kit, you can order parts online and pick them up at the nearest Tim Short Chrysler of Middlesboro parts center. 

How Do I Lift My Truck at Home? 

Online instructions can substitute for your original instruction manual included with your truck lift kit. The following steps are designed to give you a basic process overview so that you can effectively decide whether to opt for a DIY or professional kit installation. After you’ve purchased the best lift kit for your truck, then take the following steps to lift your truck at home: 

  1. Take off your negative battery cable.
  2. Loosen your truck lug nuts so the tires are simpler to take off when the truck is off the ground. 
  3. Use your truck jack stands and jack to lift up the truck. This process can take time, so you can ensure that the truck’s center of gravity is where it needs to be. 
  4. Take off the tires and wheels and set them to the side. 
  5. Take off the old truck U-bolts with your truck’s current springs and shocks. 
  6. Attach the new truck bolts and, while putting together the parts according to the manual that accompanied your truck kit, attach the new suspension and shocks. 
  7. Use your truck’s torque wrench to ensure that all the bolts and pieces are tightened according to the correct specifications. 
  8. Attach the old truck tires, or install a set of larger tires purchased for your truck. 
  9. Lower your truck carefully, little by little, keeping the truck as level as you can as it approaches the ground. 

Note: You may need to install a new transfer case, longer driveshaft, or other components. 

Congratulations! Your truck lift kit should be installed! Before you hit the trails, however, you’ll want to schedule an inspection at Tim Short Chrysler of Middlesboro service center to ensure that everything went as planned! 

Lift Your Truck at Tim Short Chrysler of Middlesboro!

You should now understand how to lift a truck, thanks to our quick introductory guide. Generally, however, it’s faster, simpler, and far less risky to schedule service online at Tim Short Chrysler of Middlesboro service center to have your truck lifted. Contact us today to learn more and to arrange your service!

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